Required to take down any trees in the Warren Township. The purpose of this permit is to regulate and provide guidance to prevent the indiscriminate and excessive removal, cutting and destruction of trees in order to control, regulate and prevent conditions which cause increased surface drainage, sedimentation and soil erosion, cause decreased soil fertility and impair the stability and value of real estate, all of which conditions are detrimental to public safety, health and welfare. The permit fee is $25 and generally four trees per acre are allowed per year to be cut down with this permit. Residents must submit the permit to the Zoning Office and wait for approval to be issued before cutting the trees.

Required for any signs, permanent or temporary. Some signs need to go through the Construction Department (those that will have footings and/or electrical). The application must be approved by the Zoning Official before the sign is placed. The fee is $25 and in 2 copies of a survey indicating setbacks and location of sign replacement are required. It is helpful to have a pictorial representation of the sign. Sign permit zoning ordinance is located in 16-25 of the Township Ordinances.

Fence Ordinance is located in section 16-5.28 of the Township ordinances. Generally, a 3 foot open fence is allowed in the front yard as long as it is no closer than 3 feet to front property line, and four feet open fencing is allowed in front yard as long as no closer than 10 feet to the property line. A maximum height of six feet fencing is allowed from the side of the house and in the back.

Fences for pools compliance are normally built when a pool is put in and is part of the pool construction  site plan and those requirements an be found on the construction portion of this website.

Shed permits are required.  For sheds under 100 SF use the Zoning Shed Permit application and show on a survey where you would like the shed.  It must be located within the setback requirements for your property.  For sheds over 100 SF you must get a construction permit.