Codington Woods
(Open space site 3A)

Forty five hilltop wooded acres; a working farm and woodlot from before 1742 (when the adjoining historic farmstead was begun) until the 1960’s when cultivation yielded to re-vegetation , in 2003 still occupied by descendents of the original Codington family.  In 1998 Lora Codington (b.1910), avoided development pressures by selling the house, farmland, furnishings and equipment to Warren, to assure historic and natural preservation.

Rough and rocky blazed trails form two loops, together exploring the entire tract.  The southern loop includes a fruit orchard of old but productive apple, pear, and cherry trees, two farm fields now overgrown with bushes and young trees, a large open grove of mature maples and oaks, and a former sheep pasture now colorful with dogwood, cedar and birch trees and flowering shrubs.  The northern loop is dense with very large old hardwood groves and vines typical of a virgin piedmont forest.  Throughout are rows of basalt rocks cleared from tillable farmlands, and occasional old iron farm machinery.

Trail Access points:  Behind the homestead, at the hydrant by #23 Mt. Horeb Rd., and at cul de sacs named above.  Parking is available near all points.  Terrain is dry and shady.  Wildlife:  Turkey, Fox, Coyote, Deer (including albino strains) all smaller mammals and many bird and insect species.  This tract provides the only tree cover for wildlife movement between second & third mountain ridges when combined with Mt. Horeb Springs tract.

Dealaman Nature Trail and Pond
(Open space sites 6B)

Dealaman Nature Trail and pond is located on Mt. Horeb Road about a 1/2 mile from the intersection of Mt. Horeb Rd. and Mt. Bethel Rd. past the Central School on the right. Parking for the Dealaman Nature Trail and Pond is available at 182 Mount Horeb Road. From the parking lot you can walk to the pond 100 yards through the woods. Parking off of Powderhorn Drive and Technology Drive to access this recreation area s prohibited (exception may be made for the annual Spring Fishing Derby). The following rules apply:

Fish must be returned to the pond
No cooking/barbecues at the pond
Please help pick up litter around the pond, use garbage cans supplied
No parking on the lawn

Glenhurst Meadows
(Open space site 10C)

Access: Mountain Avenue at Cory’s Brook.  Trails from Wagners Farm, canoe from river.  Over 100 acres of Passaic River floodplain and uplands, formerly farmland, pasture, golf course and riverside wetlands compensation (ponds) area.  Acquired in 1980 at no cost, through density modification and gift.  County acreage to Old Stirling Rd. (see below).

Extensive wildflower meadows among old oak groves and other hardwood stands along the Passaic River.  In 2004, about 50 acres were added to the east, mostly woodlands along former Old Stirling Road extension with informal trail access.  Parking on the cul de sac off of Mountain Avenue.  Also by Wagner Farms trails and Old Stirling Road extension paths.

Over two miles of mostly level, moved trails loop along all edges, across central meadow sections, around two large open ponds and along the berms at the river edges.  Short blazed side trails access 3 small woodland ponds and three steel bridges over Cory’s Brook.  Some trails cross small wetland areas and are subject to river flooding and rain-ponding at times.  Trails may become rutted and uneven as wet and dry seasons alternate.  Small plank bridges are planned next.  Brambles grow quickly over meadow trail edges; carry hand clippers!

This is the largest complex of open space areas owned solely by Warren and is popular for bird-watching, nature study, photography and extensive hiking activities.

Stransky Farm
(Open space site 6C)

173 Mt. Horeb, 14 Canterbury, trails from Dealaman Pond, Powderhorn, Technology.

A 21 Acre farm and woodlot purchased in 1998 from the Stransky family.  The driveway leads to an informal parking area and small vacant dwelling.  Behind this, the mowed trails loop around the large meadow in both open and shaded areas, connecting with blazed wooded trails along Cory’s Brook, also around rear blackberry meadows and along a young maple woodlot connecting to Dealaman  Pond Trails, site 6B.  A wide variety of wildflowers, shrub and trees, aged and young line the level, generally smooth trails.  A few large old farm equipment items add historical interest.  A variety of species and settings, plus convenience and ease of walking, combine to make a popular outdoor retreat.  Brookside or wooded trails are blazed, open land paths are mowed.

Town Hall Circles

Two improved walkways opened in 2006 surrounding the Municipal Complex:

The TOWN HALL CIRCLES (Open space site 13C) encloses the building complex on this site, and is mostly paved.  From the library parking area the walk follow the edge of the play area and along the brook, around the rescue squad building and across Bardy road up to the traffic light, then crosses the front lawn, on grass, back to the start.  Wheelchairs may use the front parking area to complete the circle on pavement.

The BALLFIELD CIRCLE (Open space site 13C) is a similar loop, connected by either of two bridges over the brook, to the Town Hall Circle.  The path surrounds the five southerly baseball fields along the wooded edges of this tract, crossing 3 driveways, passing the Hofheimer Woods Trailhead and the public works complex, keeping in or next to wooded areas throughout.  Most of this trail may not be paved, but cleared & smoothed for easy access.

The HOFHEIMER WOODS (Open space site 13D) is a 15 acre rectangle sloping up into Greenbrook and toward the golf course is totally wooded.  The mostly smooth trail winds around the Hofheimer Mausoleum tract in its center and is part of the 1956 town purchase of the estate as the government center for Warren; in 1957 our new high school improved it for a cross country running course, still one of its uses.

Enter at any of 3 points; Behind the scoreboard at ballfield M2, above the ballfield parking lot on the mausoleum access lane; or the end of Bardy Road at the DPW complex gate.  For those not used to trail walking or remote sites, this is an ideal introduction.

Wagner Farm
(Open space site 10B)

Access: 197 Mountain Avenue or Glenhurst trails from the West. 50 acres, 20% shaded, trails mostly grassy, level, at times muddy in the old hardwood groves along the river. A working dairy farm until purchased by Warren in the 1990’s, buildings are now used by Warren; up-land is being developed as community gardens, arboretum & learning center, maze, memorial park, children’s activity site, picnic area, all near Mountain Avenue. Trails enter flood plain or wetland areas along the Passaic River and connect to Glenhurst trails at 3 locations. Enter trails between barns and gardens, or from Glenhurst trails. Use Glenhurst – Wagner trail map.