Township Faqs

What causes inequitable assessments?

Fluctuations in the economy; changes in characteristics of the parcel or neighborhood; improvements completed without permits; changes in style; market pressure (supply and demand).

What causes inequitable assessments?2016-04-19T15:46:56-04:00

Why is there a need for a reassessment?

To spread the tax burden equitably within the municipality, to assess property at the same standard of value and to ensure that every property owner is paying his/her fair share.

Why is there a need for a reassessment?2017-01-06T22:06:11-04:00

What is a Full and Fair Value?

It is the value (price) at which a property would theoretically sell for in a fair and bona fide sale, on October 1st of the previous year. Example: Assessments for the 2014 tax year would be based upon the assessor’s opinion of value on October 1st, 2013.

What is a Full and Fair Value?2016-04-19T15:46:56-04:00

What is a reassessment?

It is an annual process of maintaining all assessment values at 100% of full market value

What is a reassessment?2016-04-19T15:46:56-04:00

How do I file a tax appeal?

If you wish to  file a tax appeal visit the County Board of Taxation. There, forms, instructions and “A Guide to Tax Appeal Hearings” may be obtained.

You may also contact the Somerset County Board of Taxation:

PO Box 3000
Somerville, NJ 08876

If the assessed value exceeds $1,000,000 you have the option of filing your appeal directly with the NJ Tax Court at PO Box 972, Hughes Justice Complex, Trenton, NJ 08625. For more information visit NJ Courts Online. Select Tax Court.

In a non revalued/ non-reassessed district: Assessment appeals must be filed on or before April 1 of the current tax year, or 45 days from the date mailed, as it appears on the front of this notice, whichever date is later

In a revalued/reassessed district: Assessment appeals must be filed on or before May 1 of the current tax year.

How do I file a tax appeal?2016-04-19T15:46:56-04:00

What is the soil movement process through the Engineering Department?

Warren Township has determined that the uncontrolled and unregulated disturbance, excavation, filling and removal of soil has resulted and will result in conditions detrimental to the safety, health and general welfare of the public.  As such, compliance with section 15-9.2 of the Warren Township Ordinance may be required for work performed on residential properties. To determine applicability, the concerned party shall consult section 15-9.2 and questions directed to one of the employees in the Engineering Department. Generally, a permit application (which is available online) along with a plan to address section 15-9.2 shall be submitted along the requisite fees to the Engineering Department. The application and plan will be reviewed and once approved, a letter written approving the application.  (This approval is considered a prior approval for the construction department).  SOIL MOVEMENT/CONSTRUCTION DEBRIS APPLICATION

What is the soil movement process through the Engineering Department?2016-04-19T15:46:56-04:00

How do I request for maps or documents from the Engineering Department?

The Engineering Department does have a significant number of maps and documents available for review by the public.  Assistance in reviewing the documents can be offered to the extent of the Engineering Department’s knowledge.  If copies of the maps and documents are needed, an OPRA request can me made through the Township Clerk’s office specifying the records requested.

How do I request for maps or documents from the Engineering Department?2017-01-06T22:06:11-04:00

What is the approval process for bids?

Bids are evaluated for the lowest responsible bidder, compliance with bid specifications, financial responsibility, reputation of vendor, service availability, and other relevant considerations.

After analysis, a recommendation is submitted to the Township Committee for award. All awards or rejections normally occur within 60 days unless an extension is granted by bidder.

Notifications of award/ rejection will be made in writing.

What is the approval process for bids?2016-04-19T15:46:56-04:00
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