Township Faqs

What is a Purchase Order?

A Purchase Order is a document issued by the contracting agent authorizing a purchase transaction with a vendor to provide or perform goods or services to the contracting unit, which, when fulfilled in accordance with the terms and conditions of a request of a contracting agent and other provisions and procedures that may be established by the contracting unit, will result in payment by the contracting unit.

Purchase Orders are entered into the Finance system which encumbers funds against appropriate department budgets, the encumbrance process ensures budget accounts are not over expended.

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What if I’m not home when the inspector visits can I make an appointment?

The first time an inspector visits a property; all exterior structures will be measured. A notice will be left indicating when a second inspection will be attempted. There will be a contact phone number to schedule an appointment if necessary. A maximum of three attempts will be made to inspect a property.

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When will my property be inspected?

Property owners will be notified by letter when the inspector will begin work in their neighborhood. The letter will indicate the time frame of inspections in the neighborhood. The inspector will carry identification The State requires we complete a full inspection every four years (25% per year).


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Can I discuss the value of my property with the Inspectors?

The field inspectors are only responsible for performing inspections and gathering information and can not answer questions regarding the value of your property. Only a Certified Tax Assessor can set the value on your home.

Can I discuss the value of my property with the Inspectors?2016-04-19T15:46:56-04:00

Can I discuss the new assessment with the Assessor if I disagree or have questions?

Yes, the Tax Assessor will hold informal meeting to meet with residents who have questions. If after this meeting, you still disagree, you may file a formal appeal with the Somerset County Tax Board by May 1st of the tax year. To contact the Assessor’s office call 908-753-8000 ext. 235

Can I discuss the new assessment with the Assessor if I disagree or have questions?2016-04-19T15:46:56-04:00

How will a reassessment affect taxes?

The assessor’s office has no control over budgets; its only function is to reestablish the municipal overall assessment value. The budgetary levy (county budget, school budget, municipal budget, open space, fire district budget, and library budget) is then divided by the overall ratable assessment value to determine the tax rate.

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What is done during a reassessment?

A subcontracted inspector performs a physical inspection of property. The purpose of this inspection is to maintain our database, which is vital to maintain equity and uniformity. Measuring all exterior structures, and inspection of the interior to determine what amenities exist. (The homeowner can deny the inspector access to the interior but then the inspector will be forced to estimate the inside amenities of your property). A Certified Tax Assessor then performs an analytical study of market data (e.g. sales, rental rates, capitalization rate, etc.), to set the assessments at full and fair value.

What is done during a reassessment?2017-01-06T22:06:11-04:00