The Engineering Department oversees the Engineering projects sponsored by the municipality. The department maintains close coordination with the Planning Board, Board of Adjustment, Construction Department, Zoning Officer, Sewerage Authority, Board of Health, Traffic Safety Officer, and Recreation Department.

All land use and development work is administered by the Engineering Department. The land use reviews range from an individual resident’s soil movement projects to the review of large-scale residential and commercial projects. The site inspection staff reviews all development and Township construction. The Engineering staff provides in-house designs for road maintenance, drainage, and bikeway/sidewalk programs.

The Engineering department is responsible for the upkeep of the Official Warren Township Tax Maps, Zoning Map, Open Space Map, and cataloging the municipal maps. In addition, specific maps for projects and identification signs are created for Township departments along with the Township Planner and Recreation Director. This department also administers an annual storm water report and Community Rating System through the National Flood Insurance Program which provides residents who pay flood insurance a discount on the premiums

Upcoming Projects
Lighting Coordination on Mountain Boulevard
Path at Municipal Grounds
Parking Improvements at Municipal Playground
Storm water inlet repairs were completed in various locations throughout the Township