Warren Township offers affordable housing for low, moderate and median incomes. The Township does not provide applications for affordable housing. In order to apply, please visit New Jersey Housing Resource Center.

This website, directed by the State of New Jersey, provides all available affordable housing options within the State and lists each county within the State followed by those towns that offer affordable housing. It provides photos of the properties for sale or rent and it provides details of the property.

This website provides contact information listing the managing agent who handles the property rentals. Please contact the agent listed for information or to receive an application.

Warren Township also provides affordable housing for sale. Please click on the appropriate section within the website in order to download a pre-application.

The following areas in the Township offer affordable housing:

[If any of the properties below are not listed on the website, it means there is no available housing within that property at that time.]

Information Pamphlets

1) Whispering Hills, Primrose Way, Warren, NJ 07059[Located off Mountain Blvd., across from Municipal Library area]

2) Liberty Corner Village, Liberty Drive, Warren, NJ 07059[Located off Liberty Corner Road across from the Pingry School]

3) Lindbergh Avenue, Warren, NJ 07059[Located off Old Stirling Road, across from the Woodland School]

1) Woodland Acres, Woodland Drive, Warren, NJ 07059[Located off Mountain Avenue, near Old Stirling Road]

2) Town Center Drive, Warren, NJ 07059[Located off Washington Valley Road, near Alfie’s Restaurant]

The Warren Township Committee offers the Housing Rehabilitation Program for residents who meet Affordable Housing guidelines for low and moderate incomes. The program provides up to $16,000 per dwelling for home improvements such as: new roof, electrical improvements, smoke detectors, etc. The funds are in the form of an interest free loan which is forgiven after a 10 year period. The loan must be repaid only if the property is sold within the 10 year period.

Be advised that the home improvements projects are put to bid through Warren Township. For an application to this program contact Rehabco, Inc., 732-477-7750.

Housing Rehabilitation Program Manual



Websites providing information on where to find affordable housing in and around New Jersey.