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Glenhurst Meadows

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  1. Bird Watching
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  3. Trails
Access: Mountain Avenue at Cory’s Brook. Trails from Wagners Farm, canoe from river. Over 100 acres of Passaic River floodplain and uplands, formerly farmland, pasture, golf course and riverside wetlands compensation (ponds) area. Acquired in 1980 at no cost, through density modification and gift. County acreage to Old Stirling Road.

Extensive wildflower meadows among old oak groves and other hardwood stands along the Passaic River. In 2004, about 50 acres were added to the east, mostly woodlands along former Old Stirling Road extension with informal trail access. Parking on the cul de sac off of Mountain Avenue. Also by Wagner Farms trails and Old Stirling Road extension paths.


Over two miles of mostly level, moved trails loop along all edges, across central meadow sections, around two large open ponds and along the berms at the river edges. Short blazed side trails access 3 small woodland ponds and three steel bridges over Cory’s Brook.

Some trails cross small wetland areas and are subject to river flooding and rain-ponding at times. Trails may become rutted and uneven as wet and dry seasons alternate. Small plank bridges are planned next. Brambles grow quickly over meadow trail edges; carry hand clippers!

This is the largest complex of open space areas owned solely by Warren and is popular for bird-watching, nature study, photography and extensive hiking activities.