Pet Licensing

The Township of Warren requires that all dogs and cats six months and older need to be licensed.

If you no longer have a pet previously licensed in Warren Township, please contact the Health Department to avoid any future enforcement.

Dog Licenses:

The State of New Jersey requires ALL dog owners to license their dog. This is a STATE OF NJ LAW, and compliance bring benefits to you, your dog, and the community.

  • Licensing will ensure that dogs are vaccinated against rabies which is a terrible disease that is usually fatal
  • A dog’s license is a way to ensure your dog gets home safely if lost. The license tag is an easy way for authorities to identify and contact dog owners
  • License fees are significantly less than fines associated with not having a license
  • Dog license fees stay in the community to support rabies clinics, the Animal Control Officer, sponsor low cost spay/neutering programs as well as partial funding for the seeing eye program, and….

The State of NJ requires ALL dogs six (6) months and older to be licensed. Warren Township offers one (1) year licenses based on a valid rabies vaccination valid thru October 31 of the calendar year, as required by law.

Fee is based on dog being spayed/neutered- proof must be presented to Department of Health.

Renewals are mailed out annually by mid-December to remind dog owners to renew their dog license; Dog licenses must be renewed by January 31 of licensing year to avoid late fee penalties and/or summons.

Newly acquired dogs and dogs attaining licensing age are required to be licensed within 10 days. (Township Ordinance # 6-3.1- Licensing and Regulation)

Licenses can be purchased in person at Warren Township-Health Department, by mail or online; We accept cash, check/money order and credit card (please note - $3.00 processing fee applies to all credit/debit cards transactions). 

The consequence for NOT licensing your dog and/or having a license metal tag fastened to the collar will be the issuance of a summons.

  1. Patricia Martins

    Registrar/Administrative Secretary
    Phone: 908-753-8000, ext. 239