1. Ordinance 10-01 Amending Ordinance 6-38 and Ordinance 7-25 Cerebral Palsy Group Home (PDF)
  2. Ordinance 10-02 Amend Chapter XV Land Use Procedures for Escrow Funds (PDF)
  3. Ordinance 10-03 Amending Chapter XVI - Zoning Violations (PDF)
  4. Ordinance 10-04 Amending Section 2-20.4 to Fund Raising Service Charges and Fees for Recreation Facilities (PDF)
  5. Ordinance 10-05 Sale of Surplus Township Property B. 32 L. 9.02,9.03,9.07 (PDF)
  6. Ordinance 10-06 Amend Chapter II Removal for Absenteeism (PDF)
  7. Ordinance 10-07 Amending Chapter XV Site Plan and Subdivision Checklist (PDF)
  8. Ordinance 10-08 Establish Capital Bank for Municipal Budget (PDF)
  9. Ordinance 10-09 Amending Chapter VII Reduced Speed Zone Mountain View Road (PDF)
  10. Ordinance 10-10 Appropriation from Capital Improvement Fund for Overlay of Various Roads (PDF)
  11. Ordinance 10-11 Amending Chapter II Fees for Various Materials (PDF)
  12. Ordinance 10-12 Appropriation to Acquire with County of Somerset 55 Acres, B. 198, L. 9.09 and 9.10 (PDF)
  13. Ordinance 10-13 Appropriation from Capital Fund 9 Defibrillators and 4 DataLux MVT Computers (PDF)
  14. Ordinance 10-14 Appropriation from Capital Improvement for New Roof Municipal Building (PDF)
  15. Ordinance 10-15 Appropriation for Capital Improvement for Sewer Jet Replacement (PDF)
  16. Ordinance 10-16 Appropriation from Capital Improvement for Building Maintenance Replacements (PDF)
  17. Ordinance 10-17 Appropriation from Capital Improvement for Pick Up Truck with Plow (PDF)
  18. Ordinance 10-18 Amending Chapter II Fees for Various Materials (PDF)
  19. Ordinance 10-19 Refunding Bond Ordinance and Authorizing Issuance of Bonds or Notes (PDF)
  20. Ordinance 10-20 Appropriation Capital Improvement Fund for Upgrades to Fuel System at DPW (PDF)
  21. Ordinance 10-21 Bond Ordinance for Turnout Gear (PDF)
  22. Ordinance 10-22 Bond Ordinance for Fire Truck with Aerial Ladder (PDF)
  23. Ordinance 10-23 Appropriating Additional Monies for Fuel Dispensing System (PDF)
  24. Ordinance 10-24 Accept Dedication of B. 188, L. 3 (PDF)
  25. Ordinance 11-02 Amending Chapter II - Removal for Absenteeism (PDF)
  26. Ordinance 11-03 Accept Land Dedication B. 188, L. 4 (PDF)
  27. Ordinance 11-04 Amending Chapter II- Adding Special Law Enforcement Officers (PDF)
  28. Ordinance 11-05 Bond Ordinance Improvements to Old Stirling Road (PDF)
  29. Ordinance 11-06 Adopt the Dubois Road Redevelopment Plan (PDF)
  30. Ordinance 11-07 Appropriation for Repair, Upgrade, New Construction -Barns Wagner Farm (PDF)
  31. Ordinance 11-08 Appropriation from Capital Fund for 2 Mowers for Public Works (PDF)
  32. Ordinance 11-09 Amending Chapter XV Land Use - Define Building Height (PDF)
  33. Ordinance 11-10 Amending Chapter II Repealing and Replacing Purchasing Department (PDF)
  34. Ordinance 11-11 Access Easement for Portions of B. 83, L. 3.05 and 4 to Cingular Wireless (PDF)
  35. Ordinance 11-12 Accepting Land Dedication of B. 191, L. 2 (PDF)
  36. Ordinance 11-13 Amending Chapter XVI Add Definitions and Regulations for Solar Energy Systems (PDF)
  37. Ordinance 11-14 Appropriation from Capital Fund for Computer Software for Construction Code Office (PDF)
  38. Ordinance 11-15 Right of Way Access Apple Tree Lane B. 87.03, L. 1.01,1.02,1.03,1.04 (PDF)
  39. Ordinance 11-16 Amending Section 8-2 Construction Permit Fees (PDF)
  40. Ordinance 11-17 Amending Chapter XVI- Recognize and Protect PreExisting Non Conforming Dev. R-65 and CR-130 (PDF)
  41. Ordinance 11-19 Authorize Sale of Public Land to Contiguous Property Owners (PDF)
  42. Ordinance 12-01 Bond Ordinance for Emergency Appropriation for Lawsuit Settlement -Donofrio (PDF)
  43. Ordinance 12-02 Establish a Cap Bank for Municipal Budget (PDF)
  44. Ordinance 12-03 Amending Fees Chapter II (PDF)
  1. Ordinance 12-04 Bond Ordinance for Dump Trucks Cabs and Chassis for DPW (PDF)
  2. Ordinance 12-05 Authorizing Capital Improvement for Overlay of Various Streets (PDF)
  3. Ordinance 12-06 Appropriation from Capital Balance Fund for New Boilers Town Hall (PDF)
  4. Ordinance 12-07 Authorizing from capital Improvement Fund for New Software -Finance (PDF)
  5. Ordinance 12-08 Authorize Funds from Capital Improvements for PD 4-Wheel Drive Vehicle (PDF)
  6. Ordinance 12-09 Amending Chapter VII Sec. I, Economic Incentive Waiver for Business Owners (PDF)
  7. Ordinance 12-10 Authorize Appropriation for Rehabilitation of Housing (PDF)
  8. Ordinance 12-11 Amending Chapter VI Licensing of Dogs (PDF)
  9. Ordinance 12-12 Amending Chapter II Upkeep of Residential Property (PDF)
  10. Ordinance 12-13 Amending Chapter III Prohibiting Smoking Municipal Property (PDF)
  11. Ordinance 12-14 Granting Driveway Access and Utility Easement B. 12, L. 28 (PDF)
  12. Ordinance 12-15 Amending Chapter XV Land Use Procedures, Filing of Application, Request for Rezoning (PDF)
  13. Ordinance 12-16 Authorizing Appropriation Open Space Trust Kirch Ford House Improvements (PDF)
  14. Ordinance 12-17 Authorizing Funds from Capital Improvement for DPW Building Flat Rubber Roof (PDF)
  15. Ordinance 12-18 Authorize Funds from Open Space Trust for New Facility at Wagner Farm (PDF)
  16. Ordinance 12-19 Execution of Conservation Easement B. 217, L. 12.04 (PDF)
  17. Ordinance 12-20 Authorize the Sale of Surplus Property B. 32, L. 9.06 (PDF)
  18. Ordinance 12-21 Authorize Vacation, Modification of Conservation Easement B. 9, L. 3.10 (PDF)
  19. Ordinance 12-22 Amending Chapter XVI - Keeping of Fowl (PDF)
  20. Ordinance 13-01 Amending Chapter XVI to add Central Jersey Resource Center as Affordable Housing Agency (PDF)
  21. Ordinance 13-02 Amending Chapter III-A for Penalties with False Alarms (PDF)
  22. Ordinance 13-03 Amendment 1 to Redevelopment Plan Dubois Road (PDF)
  23. Ordinance 13-04 Amending Chapter XV Removing Approval by Sewer Authority (PDF)
  24. Ordinance 13-05 Bond Ordinance Various Improvements (PDF)
  25. Ordinance 13-06 Authorizing 18,000 Dollars for Various Equipment for Police Department (PDF)
  26. Ordinance 13-07 Capital Improvement Approval for 46,000 Dollars for Wood Chipper (PDF)
  27. Ordinance 13-08 Capital Fund Approval of 30,000 Dollars for Painting Library (PDF)
  28. Ordinance 13-09 Capital Fund Approval for 27,000 Dollars to Replace Flat Roof at Library (PDF)
  29. Ordinance 13-10 Capital Fund Amount for Video Conferencing Equipment for the Court (PDF)
  30. Ordinance 13-11 Street Name Change to Center 78 Way (PDF)
  31. Ordinance 13-12 Cap Bank (PDF)
  32. Ordinance 13-13 Amended Conservation Easement B.86.01 L. 27.08 (PDF)
  33. Ordinance 13-14 Capital Fund for 30,000 Dollars for Replacement of Flat Roof at DPW Building (PDF)
  34. Ordinance 13-15 Amending Chapter II Training Requirements for Fire Police (PDF)
  35. Ordinance 13-16 Accepting Land Donation B.97, L. 38 (PDF)
  36. Ordinance 13-17 Accepting Land Donation B. 163, L. 3.01 (PDF)
  37. Ordinance 13-18 Recognizing and protecting Pre Existing Non Conforming Development R-65 CR-130-65 Zones (PDF)
  38. Ordinance 13-19 Amending Chapter II Deleting the Position of Captain from Police Department (PDF)
  39. Ordinance 13-20 Amending Chapter XVI Maximum Height in Stories for Residential Zones (PDF)
  40. Ordinance 13-21 Amending Chapter XV for Non-Residential Development Fees (PDF)
  41. Ordinance 13-22 Amending Chapter II Increasing the Number of Lieutenants in Police Department (PDF)
  42. Ordinance 13-23 Approving Exemption Application and Financial Agreement 29Dubois Rd. Urban Renewal LLC (PDF)
  43. Ordinance 2011-01 Salary and Wage Ranges for Employees and Officers (PDF)
  44. Ordinance 2011-18 Amend Salary and Wage Ranges for Employees and Officers (PDF)