Step 2: Become CPR / AED Certified

To register for CPR/AED classes contact your Sports Safety Coordinator.

Janet’s Always Near Emergency Treatment (J.A.N.E.T.) Policy Statement

WHEREAS, the Warren Township Recreation Commission and Township of Warren authorize, through a permit process, the use of Warren Township and Warren Board of Education facilities by various youth sports organizations;

WHEREAS, the Township of Warren is committed to ensuring a safe environment within which youth sports organizations can successfully operate;

WHEREAS, on October 4th, 2006 residents Kimberly Marques and Karen Zilinski made a presentation to representatives of the Township’s youth sports organization at a "Sports Forum" hosted by the Recreation Commission;

WHEREAS, this policy will be phased in within a two year time period. All organizations must be fully compliant by January 1, 2010.

WHEREAS, in honor of Janet Zilinsky, this policy shall be officially referred to as the Warren Township Recreation Commission’s Janet’s Always Near Emergency Treatment (J.A.N.E.T.) Policy;

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Recreation Commission of the Township of Warren, County of Somerset, New Jersey as follows:

I. J.A.N.E.T. Policy

Youth Sports Organizations Utilizing Township Athletic Facilities Shall Adhere to the Following Safety and Emergency Requirements.

Each youth sports organization wishing to utilize Township of Warren athletic facilities is required to assign a "Safety Coordinator" for its organization. The Safety Coordinator shall be responsible for the following:

Creating and monitoring a Safety Committee

Holding seasonal parent meetings to discuss organizational emergency procedures

Ensuring that potential coaches have completed the following:

Rutgers SAFETY course (mandatory)

CPR/AED (AED) Automated External Defibrillator certification (mandatory, at least one coach on each complex must have CPR/AED training during a game or practice)

Community First Aid certification ( recommended)

Assisting Township to ensure that an AED device is accessible at each athletic site and in proper working condition.

Submitting to the Recreation Department a seasonal coach’s roster from their organization for each season. Whereby working directly with the Recreation Director sharing excel spreadsheet information provided by the Director and finally assist in coordinating training.

Payment will be required at the time of signup for the Rutgers clinic for non-residents. Coach’s rosters are due before field usage permits are received for each season.


The President or presiding officer of each Township-recognized independent sports league must sign a document, (J.A.N.E.T Policy) provided by the Recreation Director, which states that the President or presiding officer has read this policy and understands its intent.


In the event that any organization fails to comply with the outlined procedures, a field/facility permit will not be awarded.


Recreation Director: Monitor and maintain the master excel spreadsheet; share excel list of passing coaches with Sport Organization Safety Coordinator as it is updated.

Rutgers Clinician: Schedule and teach the Rutgers Coach’s SAFETY Clinic, supply the participant names on the Warren Township Safety Program excel sheet for the Safety Coordinators and Recreation Director.

CPR/AED Coordinator: Schedule CPR/AED classes, supply the participant names on the Warren Township Safety Program excel sheet for the Safety Coordinators and Recreation Director.

Sports Organization Safety Coordinator: Supply for the Recreation Director, Coach’s Roster beginning of each season. When there is a coach who completes one of the above classes on their own it is up to the "Safety" Coordinator to notify the Recreation Director with names and proof of completion. Notify own coaches of class dates.

Money: Warren Township will pay for Warren Coaches only for Rutgers Clinic.


A copy of this policy shall be forwarded for approval by the Township Committee. This policy will be signed by each organization to show good faith and that they are in agreement with said policy.