The Warren Township Recreation Department invites all residents to take advantage of the parks, natural resources, and recreation programs available in Warren Township. We welcome individuals with disabilities to participate in all recreation programs and activities.

Upcoming Events:

Bonfire postponment

COVID-19 Recreation Updates & Resources:

Warren Recreation has put together a list of different activities and resources for families to utilize during COVID-19.

Per the Governor’s Executive Order, the Warren Township Tennis Courts are open. Courts will be monitored to make sure users are adhering to the guidelines. If guidelines are not followed the courts will be closed. The following guidelines must be adhered to: 

Tennis Court Guidelines:

  1. Avoid touching court gates, fences and benches (leave gates open!)
  2. Maintain social distancing (6 feet apart)
  3. No handshakes or high fives
  4. Recommended not playing doubles, but if you do play doubles, be sure you maintain social distancing
  5. Do not change sides on the courts
  6. Bring two cans of balls, one set when you are serving, the other when your opponent is serving
  7. Pick up balls with racket/foot
  8. Remember, tennis courts are ONLY FOR TENNIS!
  9. Face coverings should be worn.

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If you or your child has an individualized need due to a disability and may require a reasonable accommodation in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act to successfully participate please note it on the registration form. 

The Recreation Staff in conjunction with the staff at the Somerset County Park Commission Therapeutic Recreation Department will contact you for additional information. Three weeks’ notice is needed to evaluate the town’s ability to offer a reasonable accommodation.