Construction Code

Warren Township is dedicated to providing our construction and development residents with permit management, plan review, and inspection services to enhance the building environment. 


Broken into Subcodes of:

  • Building
  • Electric
  • Elevator
  • Fire
  • Plumbing


The Construction Department is responsible for administration and enforcement of the New Jersey Uniform Construction Code along with the ICC and many other codes. These statutes and codes are used by every community in New Jersey as a method to issue permits and inspection of all construction for the welfare and safety of the public.


Permits are required for most work to ensure proper construction techniques. It is best to check with the Construction Department to see if permits are required for the work proposed. We are here to assist the public and will answer any questions pertaining to permits and construction.

Departmental Assistance

In order to issue permits for any construction work, the Construction Department must also interact with other departments, such as:

These other departments provide prior approvals for proposed work and the releases from them must be obtained before a construction permit can be issued. When applying for a permit, the Construction Office will guide applicants as to which permit applications are required, as well as which prior approvals must be obtained.