[From Warren History, Volume One, No. 4, Fall 1990]

One of Warren's most unusual structures sits at a jaunty angle on Mountain Boulevard across from the township's athletic field, a bit worse for wear because of its age and unsteady foundation but still holding its own in the face of progress. The Egg-O-Mat, an egg-vending apparatus in a wooden shed, last fall received a much needed coat of white paint from three history-minded young men then renting the former Epstein property.

Camillo Epstein and his wife purchased their 50-acre farm at 41 Mountain Blvd. from Leo Wang in l946. One of a number of Jewish egg producers in postwar Warren, the Epsteins sold eggs from a stand in front of their house, then installed the Egg-O-Mat in the early l950s to accommodate their many customers who needed eggs on weekends and evenings when the stand was closed and no stores were open.

Other Jewish egg producers active in Warren during the same period included the Rosenbergs on Mt. Bethel Rd. opposite Central School, the Penns on Harmony Rd. and the Magid, Regenberg and Margolis families on Mt. Horeb Rd. opposite Harmony Rd.

Made by the Heinz Manufacturing Co. of Bristol, Conn., the Egg-O-Mat [technically, a coin-operated refrigerated revolving carousel] dispensed "eggs of distinction 24 hours" a day. Bothered by youngsters who viewed the machine as an amusement device, Epstein rigged up an intercom system that alerted him to trouble. The Egg-O-Mat has stood lonely and forlorn since the early 80s when the Epsteins agreed to sell their farm to Ferruggia Associates and moved to Florida. Title passed to the developers only last April.

[Additional material by George Bebbington and Donald R. Freiday]