Warren Township is governed by a 5 member Township Committee, which is elected by the voters for staggered 3 year terms. The Township Committee is a collective executive and legislative body. A Mayor, Chairman of the Township Committee, is elected annually by the members of the Committee. The Mayor presides at the Township Committee meetings and votes as a member of the Committee. The Mayor has no other special powers under the Township form of government, except for those powers granted under general law and limited appointment powers.

Carolann Garafola
(908) 647-6538
Term: 2017 – 2019



Deputy Mayor
Vic Sordillo
(908) 604-4985
Term: 2016 – 2018

Committee Person
Gary DiNardo
(908) 647-3409
Term: 2016 – 2018

Committee Person
George Lazo
(732) 609-1788
Term: 2015 – 2017

Committee Person
Mick Marion
(908) 581-0885
Term: 2015 – 2017